Welcome to H2i insulation b.v. we are known for our high quality and flexibility, we are always working to deliver the highest possible quality to the insulation work. The core values that we also hold dear is that the execution of the work is done on the basis of honesty, trust and with respect to the customer. All employees and parties involved who work on behalf of H2i are expected to behave in accordance with the standards and values of H2i insulation b.v.

Safety first

Your safety comes first

By regularly training yourself you will stay informed of the latest trends and developments and you will not be faced with surprises. You can assess situations well and you guarantee safety for yourself and others.


We grow together

Continue to develop and grow in this industry. Developments are moving fast and thanks to the H2i Isolation Academy you will never be left behind.


Teamwork makes the dream work

Together we achieve more. That is why we always work in a team and we take each other into account. Thanks to the H2i Insulation Academy, you develop the right skills to work in teams.